Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari: How to Unlock Keitha Muort

Beat your way through waves of enemies to unlock Keitha Muort in Vampire Survivors Tides of Foscari.


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Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari is a beefy DLC that brings a lot of new content to unlock and conquer. This guide explains how to unlock Keitha Muort, a fascinating character with an ability to greatly assist you in future runs.

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How to unlock Keitha Muort

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To unlock Keitha Muort, you need to unlock and evolve Eskizzibur. You can only access this weapon once you’ve unlocked the second new character in the Tides of the Foscari DLC, Maruto Cuts. Learn how to unlock him in our guide. Once you’ve unlocked Maruto Cuts, purchase him and start a new run with him on any map. There are a couple of steps from here to unlock and evolve Eskizzibur, so we’ve outlined each one below.

How to unlock Eskizzibur for all characters

To unlock Eskizzibur for all characters, you must play and survive as Maruto Cuts for 15 minutes.

This should be easy since you’ll have unlocked some powerful items when finding and opening Eleanor Uzinor’s coffin. Maruto Cuts starts every run with Eskizzibur, so you don’t need to put in any extra work to find it. You just need to keep him alive on your favorite map for a good chunk of time.

How to evolve Eskizzibur

Evolving Eskizzibur takes a lot of work. To do it, you must upgrade Eskizzibur to the maximum level possible, level 8. You also need to upgrade Armor to level 8.

When you’ve achieved this with both items, you need to find a chest and open it. Inside the chest will be Legionnaire, which is an unreasonably good weapon. The first time you get Legionnaire in a run will cause Keitha Muort to be unlocked when you finish.

What is Legionnaire?

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Legionnaire is an incredibly powerful weapon that will transform your build as soon as you unlock it. After it’s been unlocked, Legionnaire summons a group of knights that speed across the screen, causing damage to everything they touch. You can upgrade your attack speed, power, and area of effect size to increase the size and strength of these knights.

Is Keitha Muort good?

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Keitha Muort is probably one of the best characters added to Vampire Survivors with the Tides of the Foscari DLC.

They start with a bow and arrow, get the Academy Badge at level 30, and gain +1% Luck with every level. That Luck stat improvement is phenomenal if you’re in a run where you can hit level 70 and grab the Clover. This allows you to get better items and have more choices early on, as well as see better pickups on the map. Overall, Keitha Muort is just a lot of fun to play with, and we recommend unlocking them fast so you can really start to mess around with some builds.