How To Complete All The Docks Investigations – Vampyr

The Docks is one of the regions in Vampyr, there are around nine investigations in this area. They are Symbol of Filial Love, Cemetery Ghouls, War Spoils, Fearless Vampire Hunter, Tribute to the Victims, Lack of Key Product, Hide and Seek, Old Man and Manners and Another Corpse. Below you can find details on how to start this investigation and how to finish them.

The Docks Investigations

The Dock All Investigations

Similar to all investigations you just to have found the person or an item to start your investigation.


Symbol of Filial Love –

To start this one you will have to talk to Seymour Fishburne. Just follow the marker which will take you to an underground tunnel. You will have to locate a necklace there. Take and you will some multiple choices, you have to return this necklace back to complete your investigation.

Cemetery Ghouls –

Just talk to Edwina Cox to begin this one. Once you find her and the investigation begins then go to the south part of the Docks. You will find some corpses on the ground, search them and you will find a letter. Read it to complete the investigation.

War Spoils –

For this one, you will have to find Giselle Paxton. After talking you will see the marker, just follow it and you will reach a location where you have to defeat a few vampire hunters. Search the corpse next and you will find some money. Carry it back to Giselle, and return the money to finish the investigation.

Fearless Vampire Hunter –

To begin this one you will have to talk to Ichabod Throgmorton. After talking to him you will get a marker on the screen. It will point you towards the pile of posters that Ichabod wants to distribute around the town. You will have two choices here, you can either destroy them or you can spread them. Just pick one task and then talk to Ichabod to complete the investigation process.

Tribute To The Victims –

For this, you will have to talk to Dyson Delaney. Once the investigation starts to follow the marker it will take you to the hotel. There you will find box and a location of a bomb explosion. Go south following the marker and first find a bouquet of flower. Take it and then place it on the grave site. Return to Dyson and talk to him to finish the investigation.

Lack Of Key Product –

Find and talk to Tom Watts, your next location is a warehouse. Go there and kill all the enemies in the area and then go upstairs. You will have to take the bottle of alcohol which Tom is requesting. There are two choices, you can either take it or you can tell Tom it is broken. Pick one to complete this mission.

Hide And Seek –

To begin this one you will have to meet Enid Gillingham. You will get a letter in her house read it, and then follow the marker that will take you to the sewer. Locate Rodney Grader and convince him to return to the town.

Old Man And Manners –

This mission will begin in between the game story, for this, you will have to locate Archer Woodbead. He is being attacked by the Skals in the Docks. You can find him along the blue line, just keep walking towards the west end. Convince him to return to town.

Another Corpse –

Look for Martin Nightingale and talk to the person. Follow the marker and you will reach a house. Go upstairs and find a letter. You will have two choices you can give that to Enid or Martin. Pick one to finish the mission.

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