How To Complete All Whitechapel Investigations – Vampyr

Whitechapel is another location in Vampyr, there are around 6 investigations you have to finish to get some XP in the game. Those six main investigations are Trinkets and More, Retaliation, A Widow in Distress, A Promising Recruit, The Crusade and Eye of Occultism. You can read below for solutions to all investigations.

Whitechapel Investigations

Whitechapel All Investigations

You have to start talking to the citizens in the area to begin your investigation.


Trinkets & More –

Talk to Barett Lewis for this one, and then follow the mission marker. You will have to reach a building. There will be a small fight on your way, you will have to enter the building and find an attic. Open the box and you will get a letter. There will be a choice you have to make to complete the investigation.

Retaliation –

This can be a started in between while talking to the citizens. All you have to do is find a man who is in locked in a prison in a building that is located on the south side of the graveyard. Just go close to the building and you will hear the sound of the person. You have to kill the skals first and free him. This completes the investigation.

A Window In Distress –

To begin this investigation you will find a woman who is locked in a shrine in the cemetery. Go there and kill the Skals there first. After that, you will have to talk to her and convince her to return to the town. This will complete the investigation.

A Promising Recruit –

This investigation part will appear in between the game, you will have to defeat a few Skals on the right side once you start walking towards Whitechapel from the south-east part of the map. You will have to jump from the ledge and then defeat a few a Level 18 Skal ahead, just kill him and read the note from his body.

The Crusade –

To start this one you will have to talk to Fr. Tobias Whitaker. Just follow the maker to the cemetery and there you will find a corpse, you have to search it and then follow the blood trail until you find a Skal who is called as Samuel. Just kill him and return to Fr. Tobias and talk to him.

Eye Of Occultism –

To play this investigation you will have to upgrade your Mesmerize level 3. Next, you will have to locate a the note written in Braille. This will be located in the same building where you played mission Retaliation. Find the note and talk to Mason in Whitechapel. He will tell you to find more, you have to locate all Braille notes just follow the mission markers and return back to Mason to finish the investigation.

This finishes all the investigation side mission of Vampyr. For similar guide and updates on the game, you can read our Vampyr Wiki guide.