Wanted: Dead – How to beat the Spider Tank

Tips and strategies to defeat The Spider Tank in Wanted: Dead.

The Spider Tank boss from Wanted: Dead

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Wanted: Dead is a title that mixes hack and slash with gunplay, as the player uses a sword and an array of firearms to cut their way through an army of bad guys. This won’t always be the case, as the first boss in the game is the massive Spider Tank, which is much more durable than the mooks that have been faced up to that point. Luckily, a few options are available for dealing with this robotic arachnid.

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How to defeat Spider Tank in Wanted: Dead — requires agility & swordplay

Fighting the Spider Tank in Wanted Dead
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Spider Tank battle in Wanted: Dead takes place in a massive room with a few circular seating arrangements that can be used as cover. The problem is that the Spider Tank can smash these barricades as it moves, removing all available cover and leaving the player vulnerable to attack. Once this cover is blown, the Spider Tank is free to use its powerful machine guns, devastating laser cannon in its second phase, a volley of grenades around the room, and smash attack with its legs.

Damaging the Spider Tank with gunfire and grenades is possible, but the player will run out of ammo before taking it down. This leaves two options; the sword or the grenade launcher. Using the sword involves getting in the melee range of the Spider Tank, which is extremely dangerous, but the risk can be mitigated by dashing around its back, so it can’t shoot the player. Go in for a few strikes, then dodge or dash backward to avoid its counterattack. Once enough damage has been done, the Spider Tank will enter a stagger animation, allowing for a Finishing Move to be performed, starting the second battle phase. Use this tactic again in the second phase to kill it.

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The grenade launcher can be found by killing the random enemy mooks that randomly appear around the stage, as they will drop one upon dying. This weapon deals a ton of damage to the Spider Tank, but it’s slow to reload and can only carry a few rounds simultaneously. It’s technically a safer option than the sword, but the player needs to be ready to jump to cover between shots before the Spider Tank guns them down.

In the second phase of the battle, the Spider Tank will circle the room and smash most of the barricades. Try to avoid its attacks until it stops moving, as it will eventually return to its regular movement pattern. Also, watch out for its powerful charged laser shot, which is pre-empted by a purple flashing light on its current. When the light goes off, immediately dash to either side, and the shot will be avoided. Once the Spider Tank has been defeated in its second phase, it will be killed in a cutscene.