Warcraft Rumble: The Ultimate Mini Tier List (PVE & PVP)

Here are the rankings for all of the collectable minis to build the best possible deck in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble tier lists

Image via Gamepur

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Unlike the gameplay of WoW, Warcraft Rumble is a mobile game where players use character minis to create a team of seven. The team is small so knowing which minis to use is crucial if players want to dominate the field.

Warcraft Rumble has a total of 69 minis to collect, each with their special abilities. There are five different categories they fall into, Leader, Melee, Range, Flying, and Spells. While having some of the lower-tiered minis can be valuable because of the synergy they have with other minis, knowing which ones are overall the best to have on hand, which ones are overpowered, and which ones just don’t make the cut, will make the process of forming the best decks much easier.

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Warcraft Rumble Mini Tier List

Warcraft Rumble tier lists
Image via Gamepur
S+Tirion Fordring; Baron Rivendare
SRend Blackhand
AOld Murk-Eye; Grommash Hallscream; Cairne Bloodhoof;
BHogger; Sneed; General Drakkisath; Maiev Shadowsong
CBloodmage Thalnos; Jaina Proudmoore; Sylvanas Windrunner;
DChargla Razorflank;
S+ S.A.F.E Pilot
SQuilboar; Defias Bandits; Huntress
ADrake; Stonehoof Tauren; Pyromancer; Frostwolf Shaman; Gargoyle; Darkspear Troll; Harpies; Whelp Eggs; Execute; Deep Breath; Blizzard; Skeleton Party; Earth Elemental
BCore Hounds; Banshee; Goblin Sapper; Meat Wagon; Warsong Raider; Ghoul; Necromancer; Bat Rider; Abomination; Old Murk-Eye; Smoke Bomb; Chimaera; Flamewaker; Worgen; Firehammer; Fire Elemental; Holy Nova
CFootmen; Skeletons; Warsong Grunts; Raptors; Harvest Golem; Dark Iron Miner; Murloc Tidehunters; Prowler; Gnoll Brute; Chain Lightning; Cheat Death; Polymorph
DLiving Bomb; Arcane Blast; Spiderlings; Milten Giant; Mountaineer; Vultures; Plague Farmer; Angry Chickens; Ogre Mage;

Warcraft Rumble Leader Tier List Breakdown

Warcraft Rumble Tier list leaders
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Leaders are ranked based on their abilities, how well they work with the mini troops, how many they mesh with, and how often they are chosen by players to lead the charge. The top Leaders are the most effective as stand-alone minis as well as doing the most for the rest of the deck. Choosing the right leader will affect the rest of the deck, so choose wisely.

Tirion Fordring

Tirion Fordring is one of the best leaders players can obtain in Warcraft Rumble. He is the only healing leader in the game and the best healer out of all the healing minis. The best part is he is a tank, so he isn’t easy to take down and can deal a decent amount of damage on his own. He allows for groups of damage dealers to be deployed while keeping him right behind them to keep them at full health.

Baron Rivendare

Baron Rivendare is one of the most used Leaders in Warcraft Rumble. This mini has a passive ability that allows him to summon skeletons even when he is not in play. With his Chill of the Grave ability, he summons mage skeletons. He is also one of the fastest tanks in the game, making him a force to be reckoned with when he’s on the field.

Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand starts as a flyer but can Dismount. If his mount loses all of its HP, he can hit the ground running, dealing even more damage. When he is in play, other flying minis cost one less gold. He is also heavily protected both on his mount and off with Resistance and Armored depending on if he is in the air or on the ground.

Warcraft Rumble Troops Mini Tier List Breakdown

Warcraft Rumble Tier list Troops
Image via Gamepur

Warcraft Rumble rankings were determined based on abilities, versatile synergy with other minis, and how much they are used by players. Those in the top tiers are minis that I have found to be game changers once they were added to my deck and tend to work with most minis to effectively win at both PvP and PvE.

S.A.F.E Pilot

The S.A.F.E Pilot is easily my favorite mini to use in Warcraft Rumble. She can be put anywhere on the field and deals a lot of AoE damage and crash damage when put on top of enemies. Once off the ground, she can deal a lot of damage as a range mini. I like to use her for attacking the opposing boss or groups of mini troops. She can be used in just about any deck.


Quilboar is the most versatile mini with the ability to be dropped anywhere on the field, works as a tank, and can steal chests as needed. He is also cheap to deploy and has the ability to deploy quickly with the Tunnel Vision ability.

Defias Bandits

Defias Bandits are a two-for-one and only cost one gold, making it so easy to spam the field with them. They have a high stealth and have the ability to stun enemies. They also gain two extra gold when opening chests.


Huntress is a range mini that can deal damage to multiple targets with the Darnassian Steel ability. She does an additional 50% damage to the first target. She also has the stealth ability on top of being able to ambush enemies. She is one of the faster Warcraft Rumble minis available and is Resistant to Elemental damage.