The Duviri Paradox Warframe Update 33 Patch Notes, Explained

A fresh start for hardcore fans and a wonderful alternate start for newcomers.


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The Duviri Paradox has arrived in Warframe across all platforms. Update 33 brings a new way to play Warframe for players with hundreds of hours of experience and those yet to take the plunge into the Tenno universe. This guide outlines the patch notes for Update 33 in terms anyone can understand, so you know what’s changed, what’s new, and why you should get into the game today.

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Warframe Update 33 Patch Notes

Update 33 is colossal and is billed as a full annual update for Warframe, not a minor content addition that will last a few hours. That’s why we’ve broken it down into its key elements below to help you understand everything new with this update, what The Duviri Paradox is, and why you should start playing Warframe now if you don’t already.

Explore Duviri

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Duviri is the expansive new open world Update 33 adds to Warframe. You can complete a new story here, meet colorful characters, engage with side stories, gather unknown resources, and even tame new creatures. As you should expect from developer Digital Extremes by now, this massive free update adds somewhere new for you to spend dozens of hours, offering a meaningful mastery path if you want to make the most of your time here.

What is The Duviri Paradox?

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The Duviri Paradox is a new game mode in Warframe, bringing its own open world, story (which we won’t spoil here), and gear to grind for. New players can choose to start the traditional Warframe journey and play through the main story or jump directly into The Duviri Paradox without doing anything else. It’s designed to be a standalone experience. You can think of it as Warframe’s take on the roguelite genre, with elements of progression gained with every run.

You can tackle The Duviri Paradox in one of three ways. The Duviri Experience is how the game mode was designed to be played, with a story and side objectives to complete. The Lone Story is more streamlined and removes side objectives. Finally, The Circuit is a game mode that requires you to use your Warframes to earn weekly rewards in challenging endless runs.

How to Start The Duviri Paradox

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There are two ways to start The Duviri Paradox. If you’re a new player, you’ll be given the option to play it from the very start. This will supersede the Warframe story experience, but you can come back to that. For those who already play Warframe, a new quest will be added to your Codex. Open it, and you can start The Duviri Paradox from the menu.

How to Play The Duviri Paradox

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Each run in Duviri will follow a similar pattern. You’re trying to work through The Spirals in Duviri, which are changes to the simulated world’s states based on the emotions of an individual controlling it. To do this, you get to select the base version of one of several Warframes from Teshin’s Cave. Then, you select the weapons and mods you want for the run. These are designed to put all players on a level playing field so no one has an advantage when they enter the simulation.

The combat resembles that of Dark Souls but with Warframe flavoring. You must be careful and considerate in approaching each enemy, or you’ll die quickly. To help you along your way, you can find Decrees. These provide buffs to your character for the current run and can be incredibly powerful, depending on your play style.

Venture Into The Undercroft

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The Undercroft is an area where you can use the Warframe and weapons you chose before you started the run. You’ll face waves of enemies and must survive to earn rewards that will help you progress. You’ll complete side content in The Undercroft and can link up with The Circuit, a new way to engage with The Duviri Paradox. This endless mode is where you’ll grind for the best gear possible, but it’s the endgame mode to a meaty expansion, so you won’t get there soon after you start your time in Duviri.

New Warframe Collections

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We’re thrilled to see some new Warframe Collections added with this update. A few are based on fan art concepts, while others are built by the developer. All of them are spectacular, as usual, and you can explore them for yourself via The Duviri Paradox’s Market. We included an image of our favorite above just to tease you.

Bug Fixes Galore

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Ultimately, while Warframe Update 33 adds The Duviri Paradox and a plethora of new content to explore, it’s also an update to a growing MMO. This means that there’s a gigantic list of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and everything between that’s been implemented with the files the update changes. You can read all about them and get into more detail with everything in The Duviri Paradox by checking out the official patch notes.