Warframe: Balor Fomorian Event Guide | Fomorian Disruptor | Fomorian Drop

The Fomorian event rewards you with a rare weapon, credits, and a Catalyst.


Image via Digital Extremes

A Balor Fomorian is the most powerful ship in the Grineer fleet, able to destroy entire cities in the blink of an eye if it’s given the opportunity to do it. They are a real threat, and its objective is to destroy our relays. If they Balor Fomorian is not destroyed in time, it will be able to destroy the Relay that it is targeting.

They appear when the Grineer faction receives enough support to build one of these powerful ships. When they appear, the Balor Fomorian Event will trigger and is aplayer duty to go against this threat.

How to Get Fomorian Disruptor

To do the mission, you have to equip a Fomorian Disruptor. Obtaining the blueprint, it is pretty straightforward: you have to do nothing but getting it from the warning message you received from Lotus. To craft it you will need 1250 credits plus the item listed below:

  • 3500x Nano Spores
  • 300x Cryotic
  • 4x Omega Isotope

You can find Nano Spores in Saturn, Neptune, Orokin Derelict and Eris.

You can obtain Cryotic in Excavation missions, deploying excavators (the amount you receive will depend on how successful you have been in carrying out the mission.

You can find Omega Isotopes in the planets near where the Balor Fomorian is because its core releases radiations that affect nearby planets and the life forms that habit them. We recommend you to unlock the access to Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto if you haven’t done it yet because they are the only three intact relays in the Origin System.

Once you crafted it, all you have to do is enter in your Arsenal, go to Gear and place the Fomorian Disruptor in an empty slot to equip it.

Please, note that you can also buy the Fomorian Disruptor Blueprint for 5,000 credits in the Market (under Equipment).

How to destroy the Fomorian Balor Core

Once you have the Fomorian Disruptor equipped in your Gear Wheel, you can start the mission to take out the Balor Fomorian. It’s pretty straightforward, but there are a few simple steps to follow.

  • Destroy the four Zeplens that will appear once you get closer to the core
  • Now you can get close enough to deactivate the shield protecting the Balor Fomorian; you can do it by destroying the two shield generators on the sides
  • Go inside and destroy the 16 nodes of the structure as soon as you can; to do it cover all the possible angles and activate the Fomorian Disruptor to generate an electromagnetic pulse (it will remove the protective shielding for 30 seconds, letting you efficiently complete this part of the mission)
  • Reach the safe distance of 350 meters in less than 30 seconds to avoid the explosion damage
  • That’s It. Job’s done

Fomorian Drop

Once accomplished your mission you will receive one of the event’s unique rewards:

  • Endo (x400) – Drop Rate 75%
  • Imperator Vandal Barrell – Drop Rate 11%
  • Imperator Vandal Blueprints – Drop Rate 11%
  • Imperator Vandal Receiver – Drop Rate 2%

Furthermore, if you reach the million damage in a single strike, Lotus will reward you with 200,000 credits and an Orokin Catalyst.