Warframe – How To Build A Kitgun

 Warframe – How To Build A Kitgun

Warframe’s most recent expansion, Fortuna, introduced Kitguns to the game. They are modular weapons that you can build out of various parts, just like the Zaws of Cetus. Kitguns are made from three different components that can be put together in different combinations to produce different types of statistics. They are built by Rude Zuud on Fortuna.

Rude Zuud
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How To Build A Kitgun

To build a Kitgun, you first need the components. Blueprints for these can be purchased from Rude Zuud for Solaris Standing. Like all vendors, the items you can buy is impacted by your Solaris Syndicate rank. The parts that make up a Kitgun are as follows;

  • Chamber – this affects the type of projectile that is fired.
  • Grip – this affects the rate of fire and the range.
  • Loader – this affects the ammo capacity of the weapon, along with its Status Chance and Critical Chance.

There are four different types of Chamber, four different types of Grip, and sixteen different types of Loader. They can all be put together in various combinations to create different weapons. To create a component, you need to buy the blueprint from Rude Zuud, then build it in your Foundry. All the parts require different resources, so be sure that you have access to the resources in question before your purchase. After you have the three components that you want to be built, return to Rude Zuud, and he will construct your weapon.

You can name the weapon at the time of its construction, and all Kitguns can also be Gilded, to improve their statistics. To Gild a gun, rank it up fully then bring it to Rude Zuud. Gilding it will reset the rank, and you can then earn Mastery Rank for leveling it up again. It should be noted; Mastery Rank can only be received from the Chamber! Remember this, as ranking up the same Chamber won’t get you more Mastery Rank. They can also be upgraded with Pax Arcanes, another item which can be purchased from Rude Zuud for Standing.

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