Warframe – How To Farm Grendel


Grendel is the latest Warframe added to the game. He likes to devour his enemies, can achieve high levels of tankiness, and can even roll into a ball to crush and smash his foes. How you get him is a little different from most Warframes in the game.

Warframe – How To Farm Grendel

Grendel Leverian

You can farm Grendel by checking out his lore in the Leverian. To view the Leverian entry, go to the Codex, then Universe, and Warframes. Search Grendel, and then click on his entry. Finally, click on Leverian in the bottom right-hand corner.

When you are finished checking out his lore, you will need to track down three items.

  • Grendel Neuroptics Locator
  • Grendel Chassis Locator
  • Grendel Systems Locator

Grendel Locators

These keys are found by completing Arbitrations and will get you access to hidden missions on the planet that each Leverian entry mentions. To get the Locators, visit the Arbitration Honors vendor on any Relay. The Locators cost 25 Vitus Essence each, which are picked up as drops during Arbitrations.

That is all we known for now, but the update is currently download, and we will be fleshing out this guide as we get more information on how to get Grendel.

Grendel Abilities


Each enemy consumed grants 50 bonus Armor.


Swallow an enemy whole and store it in Grendel’s gut. Not satisfied? Keep eating, but beware, each foe in Grendel’s belly slowly consumes Energy. Hold to vomit out stored enemies covering them in toxic bile.


Consume the enemies in Grendel’s gut and nourish nearby squad members with a radial buff.

Nourished Energy – Energy buff

Nourished Armor – Armor buff

Nourished Strike – Damage Multiplier buff


Violently puke out a bile soaked enemy from Grendel’s gut, turning the unfortunate creature into a toxic projectile.