Warframe – How To Find Eximus Enemies On Earth

As you move between planets in Warframe, you will need to perform specific tasks to open up the Rails that allow you to travel to new places. To get to Venus, you will need to kill three Eximus enemies. Eximus enemies are elite versions of enemies. They can appear in any mission type and always come with new abilities, depending on their type. They also spawn at a higher level than the mission difficulty and thus provide a tough challenge for new Tenno to fight.

Eximus enemies can attack with strong explosive blasts, fire, frost, or various other forms of attack. Some of them can even drain your energy, meaning you won’t be able to cast abilities. Others can heal enemies around them. In the early game, you want to take them out quickly, before they can turn the tide of battle.

How To Find Eximus Enemies On Earth

If you need to farm Eximus enemies, one of the best mission types to do it on is endless missions, especially Defense of Excavation missions. Both these missions involve staying near an objective you need to defend, while waves of enemies come to you. Make sure you are playing with a squad, to benefit from the increased spawn rate of enemies. It is also important to remember that once you have damaged an enemy, you get kill credit, so be sure that the rest of your squad gets some shots into an Eximus before you finish the job.

Eximus enemies will be easy to spot, as they have an orange/red glow, compared to standard enemy types. They will nearly always have some area of effect as well, so you will know when they are close. You will also need to play a few waves of these mission types, as Eximus enemies will not spawn in for the first couple of waves.

That’s it, Tenno. This should help you track down and kill the Eximus enemies you need to progress. If you need help with any other aspect of Warframe, be sure to check out our GUIDE HUB!