Warframe – Motus Mod Set | How To Get It | Stats And Details

The Motus Mod set was introduced to Warframe in the Jovian Concord update. It is a set of mods that will offer bonuses based around movement. It also comes with a set bonus that will confer a chance to become immune to Knockdown effects while airborne. The set is comprised of three different Motus Mods. These are Motus Signal, Motus Impact, and Motus Setup.

How To Motus Mod Set

The Motus Mods will drop during the new Disruption Game mode. You can find the Disruption game mode at Ganymede on Jupiter. If you have never played Disruption before, we have a full guide on how to play the game mode.

  • Motus Signal is a Tier A drop with a roughly 12% chance of dropping.
  • Motus Impact is a Tier B drop with a roughly 10% chance of dropping.
  • Motus Setup is a Tier C drop with a roughly 5% chance of dropping.

Drops in Disruption Mode do not follow the standard Warframe rotation system. Instead, your reward Tier is determined by both the number of the round and the number of successfully defended conduits.

Round1 Defense2 Defenses3 Defenses4 Defenses
1Tier ATier ATier ATier B
2Tier ATier ATier BTier B
3Tier ATier BTier BTier C
4+Tier BTier BTier CTier C

Motus Mod Bonuses

Below you will find the bonuses conferred by each of the Motus Mods. The bonus shown are the mod’s max rank.

  • Motus Signal – Increase double jump strength by 200% (Warframe mod).
  • Motus Impact – Increase range of aerial melee attacks by +2 meters (melee mod).
  • Motus Setup – 100% Critical and Status Chance for 4s after landing from a Double or Bullet Jump (Shotgun mod).