Warframe: How To Get the Natural Talent Mod

You can get Natural Talent Mod in Warframe by completing Interception, The Circuit, or The Circuit missions, but the drop rate is staggeringly low.

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In the ever-expanding universe of Warframe, players can customize their Warframes and weapons using various mods, which provide unique abilities and advantages. One such valuable mod is “Natural Talent,” which enhances a Warframe’s casting speed, enabling players to react faster and wreak havoc on their enemies. This article explores how To get the Natural Talent Mod in Warframe.

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Warframe Natural Talent Mod Unlock Guide

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Natural Talent is a rare Warframe mod that grants an increase in casting speed for all of a Warframe’s abilities. This mod is highly sought-after by many players due to its ability to reduce casting time, making it ideal for those who prefer a more agile and swift playstyle.

To get your hands on the Natural Talent mod in Warframe, you can complete Interception (Tier 1), The Circuit (Tier 4), or The Circuit (Tier 6) missions. Upon completion, they can grant Natural Talent as a drop but at a staggeringly low rate of 2.58%, 1.49%, and 1.03%, respectively. Hence, you’ll have to complete the missions repeatedly to earn the mod as a potential reward.

The other method to earn Natural Talent in Warframe includes taking down challenging bosses. You can defeat Leekter, Shik Tal, and Vem Tabook and stand a chance to get Natural Talent as a potential drop at the rate of 10%, 10%, and 5%, respectively. Although the drop rate isn’t anything spectacular, it is undoubtedly better than completing missions. However, it’s worth noting that all three bosses are part of Grustrag Three, and you have to meet certain conditions to spawn them. Furthermore, bosses are not easy to take down, so come prepared.

How to equip Natural Talent Mod in Warframe

To equip Natural Talent Mod, access the Arsenal from your Orbiter and select the Loadout you want to modify. Open the Modding Interface for the selected item, choose a Mod Slot, and browse your mod collection to select the desired mod.