Warframe: How to Grow Plants in the Dormizon in Duviri

The Drifter can grow plants in the Dormizon when players enter Duviri, but understanding how it works can be tricky.


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The Duviri Paradox is home to many strange items and systems in Warframe, most of which are separate from the main game. One of those is the Dormizon, a home for Drifter in the endless nightmare of Duviri that allows them to take stock of their arsenal and get some much-needed rest between runs. However, it’s now a place where they can stock up on resources. This guide explains how to grow plants in the Dormizon in Duviri, so players can make the most of it each time they enter the paradox.

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How to Grow Plants in Duviri’s Dormizon in Warframe

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To grow plants in the Dormizon in Duviri in Warframe, players need to harvest the ones that are there and wait for others to grow. The plants in the Dormizon will replenish every 20 hours, producing six new random resources for players to collect. We haven’t been able to find a way to farm specific resources from this section of Teshin’s Cave, meaning it’s more of an added bonus that will help players slowly over time. It’s also a great way to get an injection of resources to help work towards crafting specific items for those players that can’t jump into Warframe for extended periods each day.

Where is the Dormizon in Duviri in Warframe?

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The Dormizon is part of Teshin’s Cave in The Duviri Paradox in Warframe, the area with the large windows on the left-hand side of the room. Players can find it easily by heading left as soon as they spawn into Duviri. The room is open and has a set of tables up against the edge. This is where plants will grow for players to harvest. The resources will be harvested automatically upon entering the room, beginning the process of new plants growing once more.

What Type of Plants Grow in the Dormizon in Warframe?

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The Dormizon grows all the plants and resources players can find in Duviri. When we first farmed it, we were given 4 Yao Shrub, 2 Silphsela, 4 Gonnla Sprout, 2 Dracroot, and 4 Kovnik. Each player will receive something different when they harvest their Dormizon every 20 hours.