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Warframe – How to Kill The Profit-Taker

Orb Vallis hides a colossal spider-like enemy called the Profit-Taker in Warframe. This monster must be killed, but it's hard to do.

Warframe’s Profit-Taker is one of Nef Anyo’s toys that’s been tormenting the people of Fortuna in Warframe. That is, until the Tenno pop along to deal with it and put a stop to all that hassle. This enemy is huge, looks like a spider, and has the capabilities of a war machine. Most players won’t encounter it too often outside of the story on Orb Vallis, Venus, unless they take part in a Heist for Eudico, but it’s always worth knowing how to take it out. This guide explains how to defeat the Profit-Taker in Warframe, so no one gets stuff on this tough enemy.

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How To Defeat The Profit-Taker in Warframe

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To defeat the Profit-Taker in Warframe, players need to battle through four stages of what feels like an immense boss battle. It’s worth having at least one other player in the team who knows how to kill the monster, but it’s possible without one. We’ve explained each stage of the fight below, so no player is left in the dark as to the mechanics.

Stage One

The first stage of the fight is about removing the Profit-Taker’s shield. The enemy will display an icon related to one of Warframe’s damage types, and that’s the type of damage players must use to weaken that shield until the enemy is vulnerable. This changes every 20 seconds or so, meaning players need to stay on their toes to deal damage efficiently.

Once the shield has dropped, switch out to the Archgun by using the Archgun Deployer and attack the Profit-Taker’s legs until the health bar there is depleted. Then, move onto the body. This stage will end once the enemy hits 75% health.

Stage Two

In the second stage of the fight, The Profit-Taker sends out four Pylons that protect itself. While they’re spewing arcs of energy, players can’t harm the monster. Players need to destroy the Pylons, from which they’ll be protected by a shield bubble for a short time. Once the Pylons are knocked out, The Profit-Taker is vulnerable again and can be attacked with the Archgun once more. Batter the legs then the body to bring the enemy down to 50% health and move on to the next stage.

Stage Three

In stage three of the fight, The Profit-Taker’s shield returns. Follow the damage pattern to remove it. Then, The Profit-Taker will shoot out six Pylons for players to destroy. Work through these and deal damage until the enemy moves into stage four.

Stage Four

In stage four of the fight, a timer will start. This gives players five minutes to finish the fight before The Profit-Taker reaches its target location. Everything else is the same though, so push through the shield and Pylon phases to deal damage. Once the enemy has been defeated, grab loot, dodge, and get out of the way because it’ll explode.

Tips For New Players for Defeating The Profit-Taker

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Any players struggling to deal damage to The Profit-Taker in the fight should try focusing on supporting the others in their team instead. Loads of enemies will spawn, so beating them and allowing everyone else to focus on the larger foe will be big help.

Don’t hit the Profit-Taker’s shield with Void damage if another player is dealing loads of damage. Void damage forces the shield to change damage type, and that’s useless if another player can take it out quickly with the correct form of damage.

The best thing to do to improve the damage a player can deal to The Profit-Taker is to get into Archwing Missions. This will improve their Archwing Mod collection and allow them to mix things up in the fight. Arbitrations are a good way to earn Archwing Rivens, which will also help out.

How To Unlock Access to Fight The Profit-Taker in Warframe

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Before defeating the Profit-Taker, players need to be able to access Heists. To do this, they need to reach the rank of Old Mate with the Solaris United Syndicate. This is simple to achieve by earning standing with the group, then paying the relevant fees to upgrade through the ranks. The only slow part to this is that standing is capped each day, so players will need to max out what they can in every session they play. The cap moves up based on Mastery Level, so working through Mastery Levels outside of earning standing is a great way to optimize progression.

The best activities to earn standing are fishing, missions, and conservation on Orb Vallis. Grabbing different types of Debt-Bonds will increase a player’s rank quickly too. It’s also worth checking with Educio every time a sacrifice is made so that players can track when they need next and collect it while earning standing.

It’s worth noting that players will also need to work through all available Heist Missions to be able to access the battle against the Profit-Taker. The only way for players to be carried into the encounter is if they have an Archgun Deployer, which are themselves only available from Heist Missions.

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