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Solaris is one of the new Syndicates introduced by Warframe’s Fortuna expansion. They are the main Syndicate on Fortuna, and you use Standing with them to purchase all kinds of interesting items, from mining equipment to parts for Kitguns. You can earn Solaris Standing by doing Bounties for Eudico. These Bounties can take a little time though, and if you have some spare resources, you can turn those into Standing in two ways.

Debt Bonds

If you go to Ticker, he will give you the option to trade in Debt Bonds for Standing. Debt Bonds are things that you can use spare resources to buy. It is a resource sink for veteran players, giving them something to do with credits and resources that they might not need. With Debt Bonds, you can pay off the debts of Fortuna citizens, then trade the Bonds in for Standing, or use them as offerings for Solaris Syndicate. To convert the Debt Bonds to Standing, click on the bottom option when talking to Ticker, pick how many of each one you wish to hand in, then confirm. It’s a quick and easy way to rank up with the Syndicate.

Debt Bonds
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Trading in Gems

If you go to Smokefinger, he will give you the option to trade in gems for Standing. You can get gems by mining on Orb Vallis. Make sure you purchase the new mining tool from Smokefinger, as this will allow you to mine for the rarest, most valuable gems. It also comes with a built-in gem finder, which will cause mining spots to pop up on your minimap. The most precious gems are worth 1000 Standing each, so this is well worth doing. Be sure you are only handing in extra gems though, try and make sure you have a few of each type, in case you need them for building items.

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Both these methods offer you a quick way to gain Standing if you have extra resources that you don’t need. It is important to point out, each day there is a cap on how much Standing you can earn based off your Mastery Rank. As such, be sure not to waste any resources on Standing that won’t be added to your total.

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