Warframe – Wukong Build Guide 2019 | Big Stick Energy | Post Rework


After many years, Wukong in Warframe is finally in a better place. I don’t mean that Digital Extremes took him to a secret room in the Orbiter and put him out of his misery with a Tigris Prime shot the back of the head. Instead, they reworked him. Wukong has been in the lab, getting poked and prodded, and Newkong has emerged. Wukong is now a lot more fun to play, his kit makes a good deal more sense in the game, and he is worth spending some time with. For me, this makes for a highly successful rework, so let’s get stuck into how I have decided to build him.

Warframe Wukong Build 2019

Wukong Warframe Build 2019

First up, the Wukong Warframe itself. This build centers around getting stuck into your enemies with your Primal Fury ability. This will cause Wukong to abandon his loadout weapons and use his Iron Staff instead, and the damage can be tremendous. With Wukong, you want to build up Duration, Ability Strength, and Armor. His Defy and Cloud Walker abilities are both pretty short duration, but what we are looking for from that stat is the reduction in a drain on our energy for Primal Fury. Because we are using Transient Fortitude to bump out ability strength, Prime Continuity will nicely balance the effect this has on Duration.

I have seen some people use Streamline, but for this build, I am leaning into getting as much Ability Strength going as I can, and using Primed Flow to give me a large pool of available energy to work with. I went with all three Umbral Mods, but you will notice I have only ranked Umbral Fiber to have a mod capacity drain of 12. I find this is about what I am willing to pay for the increased buff to the other two Umbral Mods and provides as much armor as I need. If I need more, I can use to Defy which will give me a considerable armor buff for 30 seconds. I also decided to go for a low ranked Adaptation, because the whole point of the build is to get right into the middle of huge groups of enemies, so being able to survive is vital. While Cloud Walker will quickly heal you up thanks to all the ability strength in this build, you want to be able to stay in the fight as long as possible before you need to pop it to heal.

I have found this build can survive just about anything, from long solo Survivals, to Sorties, and very long runs in Arbitrations. One other thing, your Celestial Twin should have a health bar of around 8000 or so, making him the perfect proxy tank when you need it.

Wukong Iron Staff Build

Warframe Iron Staff Build

This is the Iron Staff build I have been running, and it works exceptionally well due to the huge damage buff that Primal Fury gets from all those stacked up ability strength mods. It is a pretty standard Condition Overload build. We went with an addition Status in the form of Heat rather than leaning into Corrosive more. Remember, you want to inflict as many different status types on an enemy as possible to take advantage of Condition Overloads damage buff. Bezerker provides our attack speed, as even without any Critical Chance mods, that 25% base critical damage will do a lot of work. Drifting Contact provides a general Status Chance increase, while Prime Pressure Point brings the increased damage. Finally, Primed Reach. You want this, as it makes the range monstrous, and entire rooms of enemies will get chewed up by a combo.

Some in mission testing made me fall in love with this build and how it works, while a bit of time spent in the Simulacrum had me chewing through larges groups of Level 130 Corrupted Heavy Gunners in seconds.

And that it, give this build a shot if you are looking for something that can survive the endgame while also doing considerable damage, as it is a lot of fun to play.