We Need Another Baldur’s Gate 3 Magic The Gathering Set

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Magic the Gathering need to come together for another themed card set – expanding on the previous release.

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

The characters from Baldur’s Gate 3 are part of Magic: The Gathering, but their arrival in the tabletop game was a little premature, and Wizards of the Coast needs to bring them back for another set. Having been given a proper introduction this can give people who have played the full version of Baldur’s Gate 3 a chance to experience them in the card game.

Magic: The Gathering has featured many crossover sets with other franchises, such as the incredible The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth set. One of the first crossover sets was also the most obvious, as Dungeons & Dragons came to Magic: The Gathering in 2021’s Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set. This was an obvious choice because Wizards of the Coast owns both franchises, and the fantasy setting means that they’re compatible with each other.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Characters Appeared In Magic: The Gathering (While The Game Was Still In Early Access)

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

Many Baldur’s Gate 3 fans were surprised to learn that characters from the game appeared in Magic: The Gathering. This happened in June 2022 as part of the Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Commander set, where characters from all three Baldur’s Gate games appeared.

It was strange that Baldur’s Gate 3 characters were part of the set, as the game was only available in Steam Early Access at this point, having been available since 2020. While the Early Access build of Baldur’s Gate 3 was popular, it was still only available to a limited audience, considering it was a full-price release, yet only contained an incomplete version of Act I.

It’s possible that Wizards of the Coast believed that Baldur’s Gate 3 would be out by June 2022, as it had already been in development for several years at this point. Baldur’s Gate 3 was delayed many times, so it may have been pushed out of the release window for the Commander set. This meant that the set featured many characters that many in the fanbase were unfamiliar with.

We Need Another Magic: The Gathering Set With Baldur’s Gate 3 Content From Acts II & III

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

The other issue with Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is that it only features characters from Act I. This was because the full version of the game wasn’t out yet, so any later characters would feature huge spoilers for the final release.

If another D&D crossover set is on the cards for Magic: The Gathering, then it will have the chance to include the missing characters from Baldur’s Gate 3, most notably the villains who don’t appear until later in the story, as well as the more notable denizens of the city of Baldur’s Gate. There’s more than enough material to add new creatures from the game, as well as fresh iterations of the characters who have already appeared.

At Least Give Us A Baldur’s Gate 3 Party Vs. Absolute Commander Decks

Image via Larian Studios

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate featured four Commander Decks, but none were themed after Baldur’s Gate 3. One wasn’t even connected to Baldur’s Gate 3, as the Captain N’ghathrod deck was based on a character who appeared in a D&D campaign rather than the video games.

If Wizards of the Coast doesn’t want to commit to a full set, then there should at least be new Baldur’s Gate 3 Commander Decks. The most obvious concepts include a multi-colored deck themed around the entire party, with a Dark Urge Tav (featuring a Background co-Commander) as its lead, with Astarion, Gale, Shadowheart, Karlach, Lae’zel, Wyll, Jaheira, and Minsc all appearing as creatures.

On the opposite side, you could have an Absolute-themed deck with Minthara, Gut, Dror Razlin, Ketheric Thorm, Enver Gortash, and Orin appearing as creatures. This deck could be stacked with goblins and Mind Flayers, with a black and red color scheme.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the biggest games of 2023, inspiring interest in D&D 5E. The beloved cast from the game has the chance to shine in Magic: The Gathering, with an even bigger audience than they had the last time around, tempting people worldwide to venture into the multiverse with their favorite video game adventuring party.