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Weak Legacy Codes (May 2023)

The anime game on the block.

Inspired by the Demon Slayer anime, Weak Legacy is a Roblox game where players can fight for humanity or side with demons to take over the world. To progress in the game, players will have to complete tasks given by different trainers and learn various abilities. Although players will level up gradually by playing the game, they can redeem codes in Weak Legacy for free rewards to make progression easier.

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Codes in Roblox games generally reward players with the currency specific to that game, along with other in-game items.

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Weak Legacy Codes List

All Weak Legacy working codes

These are the active Roblox Blue Lock Game codes.


All Weak Legacy expired codes

As of now, there are no expired codes for Weak Legacy.

How to redeem Weak Legacy Codes

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To redeem codes in Weak Legacy, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Launch the Weak Legacy on your device.
  • Open the menu by pressing M on PC or clicking on the Menu icon if on mobile.
  • Once there, enter the code in the empty text box on the right side of the menu.

How can you get more Weak Legacy Codes?

Join the Weak Legacy’s official Discord to keep track of all the latest information, including codes. Additionally, the game developer HealQX has a YouTube channel to which interested players can subscribe. That said, we’ll update the article once new codes are released.

Why are my Weak Legacy codes not working?

Before you enter any code to redeem, ensure it is not expired. Furthermore, check if the code entered isn’t misspelled or copied incorrectly.

What are breathing techniques in Weak Legacy?

If you are familiar with the Demon Slayer anime, you’ll know breathing techniques are the crux of the majority of power. These are simply different skills you can learn in Weak Legacy, and depending on the breathing technique you pick, you can access different abilities. To learn breathing techniques in Weak Legacy, you’ll have to complete specific tasks that the trainers in the game give.

What is Weak Legacy?

Weak Legacy is an RPG-style game where you’ll either play as a Slayer or be part of the demons. Whichever side you pick will dictate the storyline and the game’s progression. Ultimately, the main objective is to complete different quests and power up your character to become the strongest.

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