What are all the effects Kiriko’s Suzu Protection purifies in Overwatch 2?

That’s a very useful ability to have in a pinch.

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Kiriko is an exciting new addition to the Support role in Overwatch 2. She has a lot of charm with her voice lines, design, and cute little spirit fox companion. All of that said, she is a pretty strong character to play as well, with an Ultimate that can overpower the enemy team and the ability to teleport through walls if needed. Her Suzu Protection ability will get a lot of noticeability because it gives any allies affected by it a brief moment of invulnerability and will remove any harmful status effect. Here are all of those effects that Kiriko’s Suzu Protection ability will erase.

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Every effect that Kiriko can cleanse in Overwatch 2

As stated above, Kiriko’s Suzu Protection ability is very good for removing negative effects. It has a use in a lot of situations. For starters, if an enemy Ana hits teammates with a Biotic Grenade and makes it so you can’t heal them, throw this at them, and that gets rid of the heal block. If she hits them with a Sleep Dart, this will automatically wake them up.

If a teammate is on fire from Ashe’s Dynamite or Torbjorn’s Molten Core, this will remove that burning effect. However, if the teammate is still standing in the lava, after the brief invulnerability, they will just catch on fire again.

The Suzu Protection will remove Mei’s freezing effect on your allies, giving them a better chance to retort or escape. That’s not the only immobile status effect that is removed. If Roadhog hooks someone, they will still be pulled towards him, but they will no longer be stunned, so they can fire into him or use an ability to escape. Teammates knocked down by Reinhardt’s Earthshatter Ultimate will also instantly stand up and anyone caught in Junkrat’s trap will be freed.

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Adding to the number of benefits, Kiriko can throw this ability at a teammate affected by Zenyatta’s Discord Orb, and it will instantly go away. Anyone who is bleeding from one of Junker Queen’s attacks will also lose the degenerative health drain.

Keep in mind with all of the abilities above that Suzu Protection has a splash effect, so she can use this on herself by aiming at the ground.