What are disintegration kills in Destiny 2?

You’ve been doing them all along.

Destiny 2

Sometimes Destiny 2 will throw a word at you that you simply haven’t run into before. For many players who are taking part in the Bungie 30th Anniversary event, that word will be Disintegrations. Players will need to get them to complete one of the bounties for Starhorse.

What are disintegration kills?

Normally when you kill an enemy, they simply fall over dead, but sometimes you will notice that they dissolve away or disintegrate before your eyes. Disintegration kills are any final blow that causes this effect to occur on an enemy.

So, class abilities like your trusty Titan shoulder charge or a powerful slap from a Warlock will cause this to happen. The vast majority of Supers in the game will also cause it to occur. All Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles in the game will also cause this type of death, making them a great way to quickly wrap up this challenge.

The best place to farm them for this particular part of the challenge is the Menagerie. Not only will you generate a lot of Umbral Traces yourself, and get plenty of disintegration kills, but just being close to friendly units that are kill enemies will also score you some Umbral Traces.

Remember to use your super often, not just to get kills but also to generate Orbs of Light for your team. This will allow them to super, creating Orbs of Light for you, and you can once again break out your super to clear out mobs and score lots of disintegration kills.

Ideally, Supers like the Nova Warp, Stormtrance, Hammer of Sol, and Arc Staff are what you should use in your Menagerie run, as they will all generate disintegration kills.