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What are Earthphyte plants in Tower of Fantasy?

A different breed of flower.

There are a bunch of different types of flora in Tower of Fantasy for you to discover as you journey across the world. There are mushrooms that you can bounce on, herbs that secrete oil, and flowers that grow in different colors with buds that fall out. Earthphyte plants are strange flowers that you can find in the world that stand out in the environment, but how exactly do you interact with them?

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What are Earthphyte plants?

Earthphyte plants are one of the many different interactable plants that you can find in Tower of Fantasy. Earthphyte are flowers with brown petals and green leaves that grow on the cliffsides and in grassy areas. These flowers stand out thanks to their colorful center.

You won’t start finding Earthphyte plants until you reach the Crown region. This is the fourth region you will go to during the story of the game and is located to the east of the Banges region. You can access the Crown region after crossing over to Banges in chapter two.

How to interact with Earthphyte plants

Earthphyte plants have a colorful center that can appear in a variety of different colors. When you see an Earthphyte plant, there will be a bud somewhere in the area that is the same color as the center of the Earthphyte flower. Locate the bud and pick it up. This can be done using the F key on PC.

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Carry the bud over to the flower and toss it into the center. This will cause the flower to release a Black or Gold Nucleus. Keep in mind that sometimes the buds for the flowers are rather far away and you might need to carry them up cliffs to reach the flower.

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