What are flackbacks and how to use them in F1 2020

Spinning off the track has never been more forgiving.

F1 2020

Screengrab via Codemasters

Making mistakes is natural. We are all human, and it’s no surprise that getting things right the first time is going to be rare when it comes to video games. Thankfully, Codemasters recognize this, and in the majority of its racing titles include an option called Flashbacks. F1 2020 also includes the flashback option, and it can be a very useful tool for helping you with your progress.

Flashbacks in F1 2020 act as an ability to rewind time using the game’s instant replay feature. At any point during certain situations, you can pause the action and head into an instant replay. From here, if the flashback option is available, the game will allow you to rewind time to the position that you are currently set to in the instant replay and start from there.

An example of this in practice is that you’ve gone into a time trial looking to beat a time, but you slide out on a corner, ruining your lap. With the flashback, head to the pause menu and into the instant replay. From here, the footage will play about 10 seconds before the point of spinning out, and at any time, you can press the Square/X/F1 button, and it will begin the gameplay from here for you, allowing you to continue on your trial.

The flashback option can be used in practice sessions and modes outside of the online modes. You can view instant replays and use the flashback option outside of important race sessions. This means that if you spin out on a qualifying lap or take a hit during a Grand Prix, you should be able to flashback, and improve your cornering on any tricky section, though purists will need not apply. However, if you use a flashback in the Time Trial mode, it will invalidate your lap time.