What are lessons in Disney Twisted-Wonderland, and how do they work?

Class is in session!

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In Disney Twisted-Wonderland, you’ll occasionally have to participate in battles. As you progress further into the game and participate in events, you’ll eventually run into an enemy who you can’t beat. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to start taking lessons. Lessons serve as the main way to level up your cards and increase your character rank, which gives you more energy and friend slots.

There are the lessons in the game: History, Flying, and Alchemy. History gives your cards experience and levels them up. Flying lessons will increase a card’s Vignette level (these unlock little cutscenes with a character), while Alchemy will raise their Spell level and Buddy level.

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Before each History and Flying lesson, you’ll need to select a character to be your study partner and four other characters. What makes study partners special is three things: they have a better chance of their stats increasing than the other characters on the team, tasks, and special chats. Tasks will give you rewards upon completion. Chats operate the same way, but instead of rewards, your study partner will talk to you for a little bit. It’s important to note that to select a character as your partner, you need to have one of them.

You can also select lesson items if you have any in your inventory. Each lesson item does something different.

History Lesson Items

  • Leaping Macarons: Increase level EXP earned
  • Spotlight Waffles: Increases the chance of your character being selected in class
  • Lucky Cupcakes: Raises the odds of achieving a Great or Perfect

Flying Lesson Items

  • Empathy Sugar Cubes: Increase Vignette EXP earned
  • Spotlight Waffles: Increases the chance of your character being selected in class
  • Lucky Cupcakes: Raises the odds of achieving a Great or Perfect

Alchemy Lesson Items

  • Friendship Popcorn: Increases Buddy EXP earned
  • Lucky Cupcakes: Increases the odds of achieving GREAT or PERFECT
  • Successful Playing Card Cookies: Increases Madols earned
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Alchemy works differently compared to the other two lessons in the game. For starters, Alchemy is a daily lesson. Unlike the two other lessons in the game, Only certain characters can do Alchemy on a particular day. If you want to know in advance when each character has an Alchemy lesson, you can do so by tapping on the calendar icon. Lastly, after selecting your study partner, they’ll take along a buddy. The buddies a character can take along will vary between each card. SSR cards will have three bodies to choose from, SR will have two, and R will have one. After each lesson, their buddy level with each other will increase. If you have these two characters in your party during a battle, they will gain a buff. So, it’s important to train characters that you’ll end up using a lot in the game.

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Finally, once you have done all of that, you will begin the lesson. Your characters will get stars (EXP) based on their performance: one star for a Good, two stars for a Great, and three stars for a Perfect. Tap through, or press the auto button to advance through the lesson. You can also hit the loop button. This will have you repeat the lesson until you run out of energy. There is a small chance Headmaster Crowley will appear, and if he does, your characters will only score Perfects during the lesson. After completing a lesson, you will gain EXP and potentially items. Items earned from a lesson can be used to boost a character’s particular stat. History lessons will give you nectar (EXP), Flying will provide you snacks (Vignette level), and Alchemy will give you books, alchemy medals, or unique candies (Spell level).