What are Narmer Bounties in Warframe?

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Image via Digital Extremes

Narmer Bounties were added to Warframe with The New War expansion and will become available to players after they complete the New War story quest. They are called Narmer bounties as they involve doing various missions to interrupt the attempts of the remaining Narmer faction to set up a new stronghold within the game.

They appear on Cetus and Fortuna at different times, giving players constant access to the bounties and their rewards. Narmer Bounties can be collected from Konzu on Cetus during the day, and from Eudico at Fortuna during the night.

Narmer bounties are the only way that players can earn the blueprints for Caliban. Caliban is a partially Sentient Warframe that was created by Erra. The bounties call also reward players with a new mod set, Endo, Namer Isoplast, and other weapon blueprints.

There is no Narmer syndicate in the game, as they are considered an enemy faction. While the bounties can drop the Narmer Isoplast which can be handed in for Standing, it can earn you standing for the Quills and Vox Solaris Syndicates. This is good news for players, as both Syndicates can be tough to level up. Each Narmer Isoplast is worth 2000 Standing each.