What are Radiant Items in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)?

Remember when a Blessed Bloodthirster turned your Jax into a monster?

Image via Riot Games

In Set 5.5, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) players were graced with the chaotic fun of Radiant items. These special little tools are buffed versions of base-game items. They were game-changing in Set 5.5, and as they crop up in Set 7.5 now, players can enjoy the bonus buffs they bring to their best champions. So, how will you use these items to make your team overpowered?

How do Radiant Items work?

In game, the system is pretty simple. Radiant items are stronger versions of normal items. You will get slightly improved basic stats and oftentimes a specific Radiant bonus, too. For example, a Blessed Bloodthirster does a little more Omnivamp and gets a slightly bigger shield, but the true “bonus” is +20 Attack Damage. Considering there are more than 35 Radiant items in Set 7.5, that’s a lot of exciting bonus buffs.

Just like normal items, to use Radiant items you just have to place them atop your unit to equip them.

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How do you get Radiant Items?

Before augments were a thing, Set 5.5 players got a choice of certain Radiant items during that round. In 7.5, though, Radiant Items can randomly be found at Dragon Shrines, but only the Order or Chaos kind. If you get an Order Shrine, you’ll have an easier time getting Radiant items because they’re more likely to spawn them. Most every Order Shrine offers a Radiant item. However, a Chaos Shrine can also technically give Radiant items, it’s just a bit more random. Unfortunately, if you get a basic shrine, you won’t get Radiant items.

What are the Radiant Item buffs?

  • Absolution (AKA Radiant Redemption): Buffed base stats and +300 Health
  • Banshee’s Silence (AKA Radiant Banshee’s Claw): +100 Health for all allies
  • Blessed Bloodthirster (AKA Radiant Bloodthirster): Buffed base stats and +20 Attack Damage
  • Blue Blessing (AKA Radiant Blue Buff): Buffed base stats and +10 Ability Power
  • Brink of Dawn (AKA Radiant Edge of Night): Triggers at both 50% and 30%
  • Bulwark’s Oath (AKA Radiant Protector’s Vow): Buffed base stats
  • Chalice of Charity (AKA Radiant Chalice of Power): Buffed base stats +10% Omnivamp
  • Covalent Spark (AKA Radiant Ionic Spark): Buffed base stats + regenerates 1% max health per second
  • Demon Slayer (AKA Radiant Giant Slayer): Buffed base stats
  • Dragon’s Will (AKA Radiant Dragon’s Claw): Buffed base stats
  • Dvarapala Stoneplate (AKA Radiant Gargoyle’s Stoneplate): Buffed base stats + regenerates 3% max health per second
  • Eternal Whisper (AKA Radiant Last Whisper): Buffed base stats +35% Critical Strike Chance
  • Fist of Fairness (AKA Radiant Hands of Justice): Buffed base stats and instead of randomizing if AD/AP or self-healing gets buffed, this item buffs both
  • Glamorous Gauntlet (AKA Radiant Jeweled Gauntlet): Buffed base stats
  • Guinsoo’s Reckoning (AKA Radiant Guinsoo’s Rageblade): Buffed base stats +30% Attack Speed
  • Hextech Lifeblade (AKA Radiant Hextech Gunblade): Buffed base stats +30 Ability Power
  • Locket of Targon Prime (AKA Radiant Locket of the Iron Solari): Buffed base stats
  • Luminous Deathblade (AKA Radiant Deathblade): Buffed base stats
  • Mistral (AKA Radiant Zephyr): Buffed base stats, ignores CC immunity, and +10% Attack Speed for all allies
  • More More-ellonomicon (AKA Radiant Morellenomicon): Buffed base stats
  • Quickestsilver (AKA Radiant Quicksilver): Buffed base stats +50% Attack Speed
  • Rabadon’s Ascended Deathcap (AKA Radiant Rabadon’s Deathcap): Buffed base stats
  • Rapid Lightcannon (AKA Radiant Rapid Firecannon): Buffed base stats and the wearer can no longer miss
  • Rascal’s Gloves (AKA Radiant Theif’s Gloves): Wearer equips 2 temporary Radiant Items
  • Rosethorn Vest (AKA Radiant Thornmail Vest): Buffed base stats
  • Runaan’s Tempest (AKA Radiant Runaan’s Hurricane): Buffed base stats, +30% Attack Speed, and the bolts can critically strike
  • Shroud of Reverance (AKA Radiant Shroud of Stillness): Buffed base stats +15 Mana for all allies
  • Spear of Hirana (AKA Radiant Spear of Shojin): Buffed base stats +40 Ability Power
  • Statikk Favor (AKA Radiant Statikk Shiv): Buffed base stats
  • Sunlight Cape (AKA Radiant Sunfire Cape): Buffed base stats
  • Titan’s Vow (AKA Radiant Titan’s Resolve): Buffed base stats
  • Urf-Angel’s Staff (AKA Radiant Archangel’s Staff): Buffed base stats +20 Ability Power
  • Warmog’s Pride (AKA Radiant Warmog’s Armor): Buffed base stats + regenerates 1% max health per second
  • Zeke’s Harmony (AKA Radiant Zeke’s Herald): Buffed base stats and added 10% Omnivamp for adjacent allies
  • Zenith Edge (AKA Radiant Infinity Edge): Buffed base stats +4-% Critical Strike Damage
  • Zz’Rots Invitation (AKA Radiant ZZ’Rot Portal): Buffed base stats. Spawns a Voidmother at the beginning of the round and also taunts enemies