What are Sponsor Contracts in Riders Republic?

Earn yourself some cash on the side.


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Riders Republic is packed with challenges for you to take on and work through each time you open the game. One of those challenge sets is Sponsor Contracts. However, these aren’t open from the start, and even once they are, they require a lot of work. This guide explains what Sponsor Contracts are.

What are Sponsor Contracts?

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To unlock Sponsor Contracts, you first need to earn 30 Stars across all events and collectibles in the game. When you hit that point, you’ll unlock your first Sponsor. After that, you can view and equip Sponsors from the in-game menu or visit the relevant vendor at Riders Ridge.

Sponsors are challenge vendors, offering you three Sponsor Contracts each day. These Sponsor Contacts vary from asking you to complete events, earn points with tricks, or finish first in three events. You can equip up to three Sponsors at a time, meaning you can have up to nine Sponsor Contracts on the go every day.

When you complete a Sponsor Contract, you’ll receive a Star. In addition, there’s a bonus of 1000 Bucks for completing three, six, and nine Contracts on any given day. However, completing these Contracts also increases your rank with the Sponsor. There are eleven ranks to work through, each offering you a reward such as cosmetic gear and sometimes a new ride.

Sponsor Contracts can be completed in the background, but they’re worth taking on if you want to push your career to its limits and earn as much as possible in both Stars and Bucks. All progress will help you acquire new gear in the future and, of course, help you reach the next progression rank sooner.