What are the different careers in Riders Republic?

Everything you can ride in the Republic.

Image via Ubisoft

Riders Republic offers a lot for players to do. Whether it’s taking participating in crowded, 60+ player Mass Races or just exploring the huge open world, there’s plenty of different ways to experience the game. A large part of what helps make this variety in Riders Republic thrive is the different career options available to you. Rather than focusing on a single sport, Riders Republic offers a handful of choices.

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Careers in Riders Republic can be broken down into three categories: bike, snow, and air. Unlike the air career, bike and snow careers both further branch into separate race and trick paths. That makes for a total of five different careers, each with their own unique pieces of gear and events. Each career also offers its own separate outfit for customization.

Riders Republic is currently in a pre-season, but by the end of its first year, a new BMX career will be added in the game’s third season. The BMX career will be available to anyone with the Year One pass, though it may be available to purchase separately when it releases. It’s important to note that not all of the careers are unlocked at the start. You’ll need to keep progressing throughout the game and earn Stars to unlock the full set of careers.