What are Torchflowers in Minecraft?

Come look at the pretty flowers.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is a massive game with a slew of content. Each new update for the game adds more for players to enjoy and discover in the enormous sandbox world, including the Torchflower, a new flower addition coming in the Trails & Tales update. This new flower has some important uses, including helping breed the new Sniffer mob, so players will likely want to know all they can about this new addition and how to get them. This guide will go over everything we know about the Torchflower, including how to find them and what they can do.

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Minecraft Torchflowers, explained

The Torchflower is a new plant that will make its way into Minecraft in the 1.20 update. It sports a vibrant appearance compared to other plants in the game, with purple leaves, a green stem, and an orange/red bulb reminiscent of a fire, which seems appropriate given the name.

How to get Torchflower in Minecraft

To get the Torchflower, you’ll need to find its seeds, which can only be found by the new fan-voted mob, the Sniffer, which will also be coming in the 1.20 update. This creature will sniff out and dig up ancient seeds like the Torchflower, which can then be grown like any other flower by placing them near water and leaving them to grow. Sniffers won’t appear in your world by default and must be hatched from their Sniffer egg, which can be found by searching suspicious sand with an archeology brush. Once they hatch, they start as a Sniffet and eventually grow into the fully-fledged Sniffer, who can hunt for seeds.

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Where to use Torchflower in Minecraft

Aside from being a nice decoration, Torchflowers can be used to breed more Sniffers. You’ll need to have Two Sniffers and Torchflower Seeds to breed them, and once you find the first few eggs and get them breeding, it will be easy to get your world filled with Sniffers. Additionally, they can be used to create the orange dye. It’s worth noting that the update is currently not out at the time of writing, and we do not know if or what other uses this new plant with have, such as for potions or other items and enchantments, so be sure to check back as further details are released on how to use the Torchflower best.