The 10 best realistic Minecraft texture packs

Make Minecraft more realistic.

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Minecraft is known for its simple cartoony graphics. But, sometimes, players want to mix it up and bring realism graphics to Minecraft. This list will highlight the best realistic texture packs for Minecraft. However, these aren’t for everyone, as you’ll need a high-powered PC to run these packs at high framerates.


AlluringBliss is a fantastic medieval style resource pack. It’s full of vibrant colors and eye-popping texture. This pack is perfect for anyone wanting to live out their knight fantasies.


Amberstone is the quintessential realism pack for Minecraft. It’s packed with premium texture models and features over 700 unique 3D models. Although it requires a high-end PC to use, this pack is one you cannot miss.

Andorhal HD

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With over seven million downloads, Andorhal HD is no doubt a fan favorite. It smooths out the default textures and has minimal impact on framerate. It looks and feels like Minecraft 2.0.

CemreK Realistic

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Another high definition texture pack that aims to stay true to the vanilla Minecraft experience, CemreK Realistic, is capable of x256 resolution.

CMR Extreme Realistic

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CMR Extreme Realistic is a more toned down texture pack from default Minecraft. It comes with x256 resolution and provides stunning realistic visuals.

Epic Adventures

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Epic Adventures is a texture pack that stays true to the original game. It doesn’t try to replace every texture in the game but instead updates the vanilla textures. This creates a default realistic Minecraft experience for players to enjoy.

Faraway Realism

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Faraway Realism is one of the most popular Minecraft Resource Packs with over 60,000 downloads. This pack isn’t the highest textured at 512×512, but it makes up for it with its attention to detail. It’s brimming with detail and looks fantastic in any lighting.

Hera Ultra

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This texture pack focuses on the small details. It’s expertly crafted to give your Minecraft a lifelike feel. It supports 256 x 256 making it an incredibly high-quality pack.

ModernArch R

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This pack utilizes a dark color palette to bring high-quality textures to the player. It offers up to 256×256 resolution, and unlike most packs, it uses bump mapping.

Mainly Photo Realism

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This pack supports resolutions all the way up to 1024x, which means you’ll need at least a GTX 1080 to run this pack at the highest settings. Thankfully, you can downscale the resolution to 128×128, making this a great pack for anyone with a weak PC.