What are Trinkets, and how to use them, in Deathloop

More valuable than they sound.

Deathloop Colt

Image via Bethesda

Trinkets in Deathloop are an important aspect of the game. They can be used to altar and buff the main character, Colt, changing his stats or abilities, and even weapons, in interesting ways.

Trinkets allow players to lean into specific builds, take advantage of certain abilities, and excel with certain weapons, so they can find a playstyle that perfectly matches their needs.

How to get Trinkets

Trinkets can be obtained by finding them in the world as you search through the game’s levels. Entering buildings and rooms and searching around tables is a prime way to get them. They can also be dropped by dead enemies. After you “kill” an enemy and remove them from the loop they will vanish, leaving behind their weapons and trinkets if they were carrying any.

There are two different types of Trinkets, ones that can be equipped on Colt himself, and ones that can be equipped on weapons. To equip Trinkets on Colt, go to the Loadout screen and click on the four small diamonds on the left side. Each of these is a slot for a Trinket. You will then see a list of applicable trinkets and can place them as you like.

For weapons, hover over the weapon in your Loadout and then click the Triangle button (or relevant prompted button on PC) for Trinkets, and the same system will apply.