What class should you pick in Disciples: Liberation?

You’ll have a few choices to pick from for your main character.

Image via Kalypso Media

When you’ve completed the second starting area in Disciples: Liberation and you reach the third area, you’ll have the chance to pick between four unique classes to use for the rest of the game. These classes determine the unique abilities your main character can use and the passive skills they’ll have access to in your skill tree. So what class should you pick in Disciples: Liberation? It all comes down to playstyle and preferences.

These are the four classes you can pick from in Disciples: Liberation.

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The Warlord class is the heavy melee choice for those who prefer to be on the frontline using their martial abilities. Your character will be charging into battle, empowering allies around them as they battle shoulder to shoulder against the enemy. Your character will be using a sword. You’ll receive two strength points, three constitution points, one dexterity point, one intelligence point, and two mana points per level. These are unique abilities the Warlord can use.

  • Piercing Strike: Strike an enemy with precision and force, dealing Physical damage. Piercing Strike ignores 50% of physical resistence, and inflicts Curse on a target.
  • Purification: Purifies the area surrounding you, dealing Divine damage to enemies. Inflicts Taunted on enemies, and grants Inspired to allies.
  • Divine Strength (Passive): Grants Physical Protection and Physical Might to allies within two tiles of you.


The Hexblade will be using more magical abilities with their martial skills, using cloak and dagger tactics to attack enemies from the shadows. While they will be using a sword, they spend more time dealing heavy amounts of damage, but they typically don’t want to be the primary focus of the enemy. Make sure you have a bulkier ally to protect your Hexblade. You’ll gain two strength points, one constitution point, two dexterity points, two intelligence points, and two mana every time you level up.

  • Venom Blade: Strikes with a poison-coated blade, dealing Physical damage, and inflicts Poison on the target.
  • Burning Verdict: Burns the Target with divine truth, dealing Divine damage. Inflicts Paralyzed and Burning on the target.
  • Dexterous (Passive): Grants Improved Critical and Evasive allies within two tiles of you


The Seeress will be using ranged magical attacks to inflict Divine damage against enemies in combat. You’ll also be able to heal allies with several of your abilities, giving them more chances to recover their health points during a battle. In addition, you use a staff with this class. You’ll be gaining one strength point, two constitution points, one dexterity, two intelligence, and three mana at every level.

  • Polar Ray: Blasts a beam of ice randomly bouncing between enemies afterward, dealing Primal damage. Inflicts Chilled on the Targets.
  • Radiance: Emits pure divine energy around you, dealing Divine damage to enemies and healing allies.
  • Holy Resilience (Passive): Grants Regen to allies with two tiles away from you.


The final class is the Witch. Similar to the Seeress, you’ll become a ranged combat relying on your spells. However, rather than providing your allies with healing abilities, you’ll be more focused on causing status effects and heavy damage to your opponents. The Witch also uses a staff. They gain one strength point, one constitution point, two dexterity points, two intelligence points, and three mana at every level.

  • Anguish: Burdens the target with dark searing magic, dealing Unholy Damage, inflicting Bleeding and Afraid on them.
  • Heaven’s Light: Rains down divine light on enemies in the targeted area, dealing Divine Damage, and it inflicts Weakened on the targets.
  • Inspiring Power (Passive): Hearten Allies, granting Divine Might and Unholy Might to them within two tiles away from you.