What club should you join in Ooblets?

Join the cool kids.

When you first arrive at Badgetown in Ooblets, you encounter Mayor Tinstle, who suggests introducing yourself to eight people in town. After speaking to them and getting to know a handful of residents, the mayor recalls you so you can choose an Ooblets social club to join. The leaders of these clubs meet up with you for you to pick one. The social club will provide you with a starting Ooblet. There are four choices. You can still obtain the other group’s Ooblet even if you don’t pick them at the start of the game.


The Frunbruns are the most social group of the choices. They admire cute things, and greatly enjoy sparkles, alongside their social activities. Melda leads the group, and you receive Tud, a frog-like Ooblet for joining.


The Peaksnubs are those who believe they are above everyone else and have the largest ego of the groups. They’re the best of the best, and they created fertilizers that many farmers in the game use. Bazil leads the group, and you receive Bittle, a beetle-like Ooblet, for joining.


The Mimpins are a tech-savvy group that knows a great deal about machines. They may not be the most social of the groups, but they work hard and have a great deal of knowledge about their trade. Videon leads the group, and you receive Sidekey, a toy-like Ooblet, for joining.


The final group is called the Mossprout. They love nature and exploring the great outdoors all over the island. If you want to seek adventure and quests, you want to spend time with the Mossprouts group. Outgrid leads them, and you receive Shrumbo, a mushroom-like Ooblet, for joining.