What do you do with the tree in Silt?

It could be a friend or a foe.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Silt is filled with many creatures and pieces of architecture that you’re not meant to understand. One of the most bizarre that you’ll encounter is the tree. This appears to be an actual tree growing beneath the surface of the water with four bird heads sticking out of it. This guide explains what you do with this tree so you don’t get stuck looking for the way forward.

Feed the birds in the tree

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This tree has four bird heads sticking out of it that you must feed. Each bird head needs a grub, so you’ll have to swim around the area to find them. There’s one grub to the left of the tree that acts as a hint for what you need to be doing here. Swim up to the grub, allow it to latch onto your head, and then swim over to a bird head. The bird will eat the grub and disappear.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The other three grubs are in the rooms leading off from the one the tree is in. Every bird head faces an exit, so you roughly know where all of the other rooms are. Swim into them, locate the grubs, and bring them to the tree. You’ll have to swim to a different head each time you return until you’ve fed them all. When every bird head is satisfied, the tree will transform into a boss that you must then defeat using the knowledge gained from these branching rooms.

The tree is easily the strangest thing you’ll see in Silt, but it’s also the most interesting boss puzzle that you’ll play through. When searching for the grubs, make sure you explore every room because they may lead you to a secret chained diver that you can add to your collection. There are more rooms than you’ll need to explore just to transform the tree, so make the most of the downtime and explore as much as possible.