What do you get for collecting Easter Eggs in Phasmophobia? Answered (April 2023)

Is the Easter Bunny a ghost?

Screenshot by Gamepur

To celebrate the Easter holiday, Phasmophobia has added Easter eggs to maps in the game that you can pick up. They’re not particularly well-hidden, often being found on the top of tables, so it’s not necessarily an achievement to pick one up. That being said, what happens when you collect the Easter eggs in Phasmophobia? Here is what you need to know.

Phasmophobia Easter Event – Easter 2023

Screenshot by Gamepur

Until April 11, Easter eggs will appear of Phasmophobia that you’ll need to collect. Look for the Easter sticker on any difficulty when playing through single-player or co-op to determine where you need to hunt.

When playing with others, the colors they see may look different from the ones you see, but anyone who picks them up will count toward the overall team collection. When all eggs have been picked up on a level, all living players’ sanity will instantly return to 100%, so it’s a pretty nice side objective to look out for on longer matches.

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If you are unsure how many eggs are left in a level, return to the truck, and you can look under the map for how many remain. Grabbing these eggs does not seem to affect the entity in the house at all. It merely rewards your team with refilling their sanity to full as a fun side thing to do to celebrate the holiday. Collect as many eggs as possible to complete the stickers on the contract board.

It’s important to note that you do need to learn the ghost type haunting the location. If you want to jump into a map to collect the eggs, this is an option. If you choose to leave the map without learning about the ghost but collect all the eggs, that will count for you.