What does Aba Mosi Dada mean in Genshin Impact?

What’s the time?

Screenshot by Gamepur

It is Day 7 of the Mimi Tomo event in Genshin Impact, which means we have one last chance to find the Unusual Hilichurl. After finding the second Hilichurl, he will use the phrase Aba Mosi Dada, giving you the time that the Unsuaul Hilichurl will appear.

As always, players are not expected to magically know what this means, and have access to a Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian that was given to them at the start of the even by Ella Musk. They can use this to work out the meaning.

Aba Mosi Dada means between dawn and noon, so heading to the correct place at that time means you will find the Unsuaul Hilichurl. You can find the Unusual Hilichurl at Cuijue Slope, right on the J on the map. Beating up him and his friends will allow you to claim your reward from the events tab.

Players can open the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian at any time by going to the Mimi Tomo section in the events menu and hitting the prompted button for the Handbook near the bottom of the event description. There are quite a few Hilichurlian phrases in there, but it’s still pretty easy to figure out what these little guys are talking about, thankfully.