What does Chorus Fruit do in Minecraft and how to get it

They don’t really sing.

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While Minecraft has many items grounded in reality, it has its share of odd, imaginative items. From portals taking you to hellish realms like the Nether or The End to Ender Chests giving you access to items from a different chest across the world, you can put some interesting things in your base. An odd item you will come across in The End is the Chorus Fruit. Here is what Chorus Fruit does and how you can get it.

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How to get Chorus Fruit in Minecraft

Chorus Fruit is a food item that exclusively grows in The End. However, you will not be able to find it until after you have killed the Ender Dragon. After defeating it and returning to The End, you can travel away from the Dragon’s area by finding a floating portal hanging over the edge of the land you are on. Throw an Ender Pearl into the portal to take you away.

When you have access to the expanded area of The End, you will find tall vein-like plants growing from the ground. Break the bottom of the plant, and the Chorus Fruit will begin to drop in bunches.

What does Chorus Fruit do?

Now that you have Chorus Fruit, what can you do with it? Well, for starters, you can eat it. Eating it only restores a little bit of your hunger bar, but it will also teleport you a very short distance away. This can be used to teleport yourself through walls or anywhere not covered in water or lava like you are an Enderman.

Chorus Fruit can be smelted in a Smelter and turned into Popped Chorus Fruit. This will make it inedible, but it can be used to craft End Rods or Purpur Blocks.