What does the Dice Room do in The Binding of Isaac

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The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements. Although you’ll be navigating the same stages, the enemies, layouts, and rooms will be different each time. Occasionally, you may stumble upon a red room with Dice in the center. This strange room is called the Dice Room. The Dice Room will have one to six pips on the Dice. When you step onto the Dice in the center of the room, the room will shake, and an effect will occur. The effect that happens will depend on the number of pips that were shown. The effect will only happen once, so if you try to step on the Dice again, nothing will happen.

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The effects that occur in the Dice Room in the Binding of Isaac

  • 1 pip – When you step onto this, you will reroll your character’s collected items into random ones, much like how the D4 would.
  • 2 pips – Triggers the D20 effect, where it will reroll all the pickups in the room. So, if you have any pickups in the Dice Room, be sure not to pick them up unless it’s something you need.
  • 3 pips – Stepping across this dice will reroll all pickups and trinkets on the entire floor. However, this will not reroll pickups or trinkets in the Angel Room, Black Market, Crawl Space, or Devil Room.
  • 4 pips – Rerolls any item pedestals, much like the D6 would. However, it will not reroll items in the Angel Room, Black Market, Crawl Space, or Devil Room.
  • 5 pips – Triggers the Forget Me Now effect, will reroll and restart the current floor.
  • 6 pips – Essentially combines the effects of pips one through four by: Rerolls all of your character’s items, rerolls all items and trinkets on the floor, and rerolls all the pedestal items on the floor. If you’re playing in co-op mode, it will reroll all items for both characters.