What does the emotional baggage unlock in Psychonauts 2?

Get a grip.

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Psychonauts 2 is quite an odd game. An odd game indeed. With that in mind, there is a collectible called emotional baggage that will give you a great perk when all five are found in each level. Here is what they unlock and how to collect each of them.

Emotional baggage are literal bags with emotive faces on their front. In true Double Fine-style, Psychonauts 2 goes into the strange and whacky, and we love it. There are five placed throughout each level set inside the minds of the subjects Raz goes into. They’ll be hidden around corners, at elevated sections of the map, and sometimes in plain sight. Like the figments, they’ll unlock a new intern rank once you’ve found all five emotional pieces of baggage in the level.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once that occurs, you will be given an intern credit to upgrade your psychokinetic abilities like pyrokinesis and levitation. To give an example, you can upgrade your melee abilities with the Slap Happy perk that gives Raz an extra attack with your combo. There are four perks per psychokinetic badge.

Something to keep in mind though that the bags themselves are only one part of the equation. You’ll need to find the tags associated with them. Each bag and tag is color-oriented so once you’ve found the tag, you must either find the bag of the same color or return to where you saw it last. Once the bag and tag are reunited, a cutscene will play just like the classic game from the original PS2/Xbox/GameCube era.