What are figments in Psychonauts 2?

They’re more helpful than they look.

Image via Xbox

The mind is a strange thing, and on this adventure with Raz, Psychonauts 2 has a lot of collectibles to pick up and collect. Figments are one of the most consistent as there are so many to find. These

Returning from the first game, figments are collectibles that can help increase your rank in Psychonauts 2. They look like squiggly drawings that are hovering in the air. The interesting thing is that these figments embody the loves and fears of the mind you are accessing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Regardless, the main reason why you want to collect figments is to improve your intern rank in the game. With every 100 figments you find, you’ll gain an intern credit that can be placed on any psychokinetic power. For example, you can upgrade your Levitation ability to become a Pouncy Ball, which lets you bounce high in the air. Each ability has four different factors to upgrade. There are many to find in Psychonauts 2 so search high and low for them. Wall jump to higher areas and use your psychokinetic powers like pyrokinesis to find new areas in the level.

We don’t recommend that you skip a figment if possible as they can be very helpful on your journey to becoming a Psychonaut secret agent. If you miss any figments, it’s no big deal, however. You can revisit prior levels and fast travel throughout the game to get to your preferred destination.

While you’re at it, you should find all the PSI challenge cards in the Motherlobe and Half-A-Mind locations in Hollis’ classroom too. There is so much to find in Psychonauts 2.