What does the Loyalty enchantment do in Minecraft and how to get it?

They’ll always have your back.

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Minecraft’s long list of enchantments has various upgrades and powers that can affect a long list of items in the game. If there is an area of the game you want to improve in, there is likely an enchantment to help you out. That being said, certain weapons don’t have an extensive line of enchantments. Tridents have very few, but the ones that are there are helpful. Here is what you need to know about the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft.

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What is the Loyalty enchantment?

The Loyalty enchantment only applies to Tridents in Minecraft and makes it so the item will return to the user who throws it as a weapon. There are three levels of this that can be applied to a Trident, each one deciding the speed at which it will return to you.

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If you throw a Trident while you die or go into a teleporter before it comes back, the Trident will fall to the ground as an item that can be picked up and eventually despawn. It can not be put on a Trident that has the Riptide enchantment attached to it, but it is compatible with other enchantments.

How to get the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft

To get the Loyalty enchantment, you will need to find or create its Enchantment Book. You can potentially fish it up from water source blocks or find it sitting in a Chest hidden within a structure. You can also create it by taking a Book and three pieces of Lapis Lazuli to an Enchantment Table. Paying some experience levels will allow you to create an Enchantment Book with Loyalty attached to it. Take it and a Trident to an Anvil to combine the two.