What does Toast do in MultiVersus? Explained

Raise a Toast.

Image via WB Games

MultiVersus is not a game that takes itself too seriously. Between the inclusion of characters like DC superheroes fighting an overly memed Shaggy, or Tom and Jerry taking on Looney Tunes characters, there’s a lot of loose fun here. One of the more puzzling inclusions is Toast. Here is what you need to know about it.

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What is Toast for in MultiVersus

Toast in MultiVersus may seem like a random throw-in, considering it is literal toast that you would eat for breakfast, but it is actually not a huge deal. It’s a currency that is more of a way to toast someone (like a cheer) to whom you want to give some props to following a match. This is not something you spend on yourself, but on other players that you interact with. If you enjoyed your game against them, you could give them a Toast, and they will be rewarded a small amount of Gold for being a good sport. However, you will need to play a couple of matches against each other to be able to Toast. It is not available after the first match.

In general, this has no big impact on the game at all. You are only rewarded 20 Gold when you receive Toast from another player, which is almost an insignificant amount. You can earn more from leveling up your characters or the battle pass, or by purchasing a ten pack of them for 350 Gold. Doing the math on that purchase and the amount of Gold you give others does not come out even, but it hardly matters in the grand scheme of things.

Toasting another player is just a nice little thumbs up you can give to say you enjoyed playing them — nothing more, nothing less.