How to toast in MultiVersus

A nice little snack after a battle.

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

MultiVersus tests the might of your platform fighting skills, and sometimes, you may want to reward your competitors for putting it all out there. Giving Toast, a regular breakfast item, can actually help with that. This simple food is just a small feature to show your appreciation for other players in your game. Here’s how to toast in MultiVersus.

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When to toast in MultiVersus

Toast is a way to reward players after a hard-fought battle. In the results screen, you’ll see the characters either celebrating or commiserating their loss. Above each character’s head, you’ll see a “Give Toast” tab. By giving the toast to your teammate or opponent, they will get a pat on the back for their stellar abilities during the match and reward them some Gold for being good players. This option also only appears after finishing a best of three, so you won’t be able to give Toast after your first match; you’ll need to rematch at least once.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Giving Toast provides the intended player 20 Gold, which can be used to buy new characters or more toast, although this is a very small amount. On the top right of the screen, you’ll see how much toast you currently have. You can buy ten slices for 350 coins, but you can also get it by leveling up individual characters and the battle pass. If you are still trying to unlock the other characters in the game, we don’t recommend purchasing Toast with your Gold.

Giving another player Toast is not something game-changing by any means. If anything it is a simple thumbs up for giving you a good game. They can be given to both enemies and teammates as long as you have some of the currency available.