What happens to my Minecraft account after Java and Bedrock editions combine? Answered

The merger is happening.

Image via Mojang

For a long time, Minecraft players on PC have had to choose between Java or Bedrock edition when they sat down to play. There are distinct differences between the two versions, with varying crossplay, mod support, technical capabilities, and even file structures. That’s all changing now, as the two versions are finally joining forces.

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The Java and Bedrock merger explained

First, it’s important to understand what this combination actually means. Java and Bedrock editions are merging on PC, but that doesn’t mean Minecraft is turning into a single game on the platform. In fact, as developer Mojang explained in its announcement, those are explicitly staying as two separate games. However, they’ll be a part of the same launcher. You’ll have the choice of which one to play when the merger happens on Tuesday, June 7.

What it means for your Minecraft account

Nothing’s changing here. You don’t need to do anything different on your end. In fact, if you already own either Java or Bedrock edition, you’ll automatically get the other one for free. Mojang says it may take a few days to appear in your account, but it will happen. Then you’ll be able to launch both from the same place, no matter which one you already had. Mojang has not addressed those who have already paid for both versions — there’s no word on whether they’ll receive any sort of bonus or compensation in lieu of a free version.

What it means for Minecraft on other platforms

Here too, it doesn’t mean anything. Minecraft is playable just about everywhere, from PlayStation to Xbox to Nintendo to mobile devices. Specifically, that’s the Bedrock edition on those platforms. This merger is only happening on PC, where there was a disparity between Bedrock and Java. If you’re not playing on PC, then you’re totally unaffected by these changes.