What happens when you finish an Expedition in No Man’s Sky?

The universe doesn’t end.


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Expeditions are seasonal events that come to No Man’s Sky now and then. There’s no discernable pattern to them, but there’s usually at least one if not two for every major update that goes live. They’re easy to start but present you with many challenges to complete if you want to claim every available reward. However, it’s unclear what happens, if anything, once you finish an Expedition. This guide explains what happens when you finish one and what you can do afterward.

Carry on with your playthrough

Screenshot by Gamepur

When an Expedition is complete, you’ll receive a small notification in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This tells you that the Expedition is over, and then you can pick up any of the main questlines from the base game and start to follow them. When the end date of the Expedition, your save file will be converted to a standard save, and you’ll be able to continue your journey through No Man’s Sky as usual from there.

All of your rewards and inventory will be maintained in your Expedition save file, even once it’s been converted. However, you can also pick up all of those rewards when you start a new normal save. This means that all the work you put into every Expedition pays off for all future saves, allowing you to use items like the Hungering Worm Companion Egg for many years to come.