What Is A Challenge In Destiny 2? | Glorious Harvest Challenge

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Calus currently has us all running around Destiny 2 getting things together for our Chalice of Opulence. One of the steps involves finishing a challenge in Destiny 2 so that we can wrap up a bounty for the new NPC, Werner 99-40. People seem a little confused about what a challenge is, so this guide should clear things up for you.

What Is A Challenge In Destiny 2

A challenge in Destiny 2 is a Milestone. It seems that Calus and his crew don’t use the same terminology as us Guardians, so this is where the players are having some confusion surrounding this. To complete a challenge, you need to complete any of the weekly Milestones.

You can do a Strike, a Crucible Match, the Nightfall, the Gambit Milestones, etc. Ticking off any of this Milestones will appease Werner 99-40, and you will be able to continue with the quest.

It’s a silly issue, and I honestly couldn’t tell you why Bungie decided to change the term, but change it they did! Now you know what to do to continue with the Chalice of Opulence quest, you can quickly finish a challenge in Destiny 2. Some people even did the AscendantAscendent Challenge, which would have been reasonably quick.

A rapid run through a Strike is what I did to wrap it up, and it worked just fine for me. The Heroic Adventure on Nessus would also be an excellent way to wrap it up, as you are killing two birds with one stone, and making progress on your Flashpoint Milestone as well. Best of luck trying to finish the quest for Calus, Guardian!