What is Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy?

A mysterious and powerful form.

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Hogwarts Legacy gives players the opportunity to explore the magical areas of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, as well as uncover various secrets of the wizarding world. One of the well-kept secrets of the world is ancient magic. In the Harry Potter books and films, this ancient magic is long gone with only it being mentioned. But, in Hogwarts Legacy, we get to know a lot more about this mysterious form of magic. Here is what you need to know about this ancient magic in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic, explained

In Hogwarts Legacy, ancient magic is a very old and powerful form of magic that had been forgotten by the 1800s, the time in which the game takes place. It is so rare that it is not even known properly by the Professors of Hogwarts. Those who are able to wield it are considered to be very unique. The wielders can use ancient magic in combat to cause devastating damage to their opponents.

We get a first glimpse of it in Hogwarts Legacy when the protagonist is able to see its traces via a blue aura when they are on their way to Hogwarts. Later, they discover that they had the ability to wield it in combat as well as uncover various secrets imbued with ancient magic. In the game, there are three known wielders of ancient magic, the protagonist, Percival Rackham, and Isidora Morganach. Interestingly, all three of them joined Hogwarts as fifth-year students. So, it is possible that ancient magic is somehow tied to those who are late-bloomers.

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How to get and use Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy

While players will be able to see ancient magic in the initial stages of the game, they are able to properly use it when they are on a quest to visit Hogsmeade and they have to beat the troll in the latter stages. There while in the midst of the fight, you’ll be able to wield the ancient magic.

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After the troll fight, you’ll be able to use ancient magic in all types of encounters in the game. There are two types of ancient magic abilities in the game:

  • Ancient Magic: This ability can be used when your ancient magic meter, which is blue-colored, is full. The meter can be filled up by performing combos on enemies. After it is filled up, a prompt will appear to use ancient magic. This often works as a finisher as enemies are completely destroyed or downed when they are hit with ancient magic. Additionally, when enemies are downed with combos, blue orbs will fall which players can collect to fill up the meter as well.
  • Ancient Magic Throw: This throw ability lets you use ancient magic to pick up objects and throw them against enemies. A prompt will appear when there are nearby objects to throw. This ability does more damage to human enemies than to non-humans in combat.