What is changing in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Patch 11.24?

RIP Katarina mains.

Image via Riot Games

Hyper-Carry Katarina was doomed the second she took over the meta boards. In Patch 11.24, she faces her inevitable fall to make room for new powerful builds. For anyone who loves a strong front-line, this patch is for you because it’s all about the Bruisers, Bodyguards, and Colossus. So, what kind of builds should you be building as we head into the holiday season?


With this wide breadth of nerfs, the devs are trying to shake up the entire meta. Many of the top builds have taken a hit. Even Innovator Heart/Soul augments are being nerfed to discourage people all-too-happy to add Hextech Dragons to their boards. Also, most of the strongest units in the game have lost their luster, so you might have to re-think your entire gameplay with Patch 11.24 because grabbing random strong units like Kats, Tarics, or Trundles won’t work the same way anymore. 

  • Class/origin nerfs: Challenger, Innovator
  • Unit nerfs: Garen, Trundle, Katarina, Vex, Jinx, Viktor, Taric, Ekko
  • Hextech Nerfs: Innovator Heart, Innovator Soul, Item Grab Bags I and II, Featherweights


With the overwhelming power of Academy Assassins‘ last patch, Syndicate Assassins have been shoved to the side. However, the devs have made it clear that they want this intuitive build back on top with these new Shaco and Akali buffs, making them stronger. Also, less highlighted is the obvious Chemtech buff. They’ve reworked the trait to make it more viable, making these units all the more powerful. Their attack speed and health regeneration buffs activate at 75% health, not 25%. That’s a serious switch-up. 

  • Class/origin buffs: Clockwork, Mutant, Chemtech
  • Unit buffs: Shaco, Akali, Orianna, Sion, Fiora
  • Hextech Buffs: Socialite Duet, Broken Stopwatch, Trait-Linked Augments (general)

Overview and predictions

In Patch 11.24, devs seem to want to give attention to variations of popular builds that often get overlooked. Pushing Innovators and Academy out of the way, new powerhouses might have space to shine. However, destabilizing Trundle has opened a new avenue for Chemtech Bruisers to brutalize the meta again, so be on the watch for oppressive Urgots to be dominating your game all over again.

  • Stronger builds: Mutant Bruisers, Syndicate Assassins, Socialite Colossus, Chemtech Bruisers
  • Weaker builds: Mutant Protectors, Academy Assassins, Scrap Bruisers, Arcanists