What is included in the Radiant Stars battle pass for Paladins?

This Paladins battle pass is packed with cosmetics for Sailor Moon and Power Rangers fans.

paladins radiant stars battle pass

As the Darkness and Dragons Paladins battle pass ends its run, it makes way for a much brighter and more colorful one. The new Radiant Stars battle pass is centered around the star sisters: Io, Imani, Inara, and Seris. It comes with a lot of cosmetics for other champions as well. As always, this battle comes with a free track, and a locked premium track which can be purchased for 600 Crystals. If completed, the free track grants 450 Crystals, and the premium track adds another 150 to that. Here is a breakdown of everything you can unlock in the Radiant Stars Paladins battle pass.

Unique skins

The battle pass unlocks unique skins for the four champions which form the Radiant Stars pantheon. Each skin comes with a base form and 7 rec-color versions. Altogether, the battle pass includes 32 skins. Below you can see a sample of the designs included in the battle pass. For a full gallery of every skin and cosmetic, you can check out the official Paladins patch notes for the Radiant Stars update.

Other rewards

Like all Paladins battle passes, the Radiant Stars pass provides players with a steady stream of in-game currency. In addition to that, players can unlock a variety of exclusive non-skin cosmetics, including avatars, sprays, and a unique death card.

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Finally, players who unlock the premium track will instantly receive the blue Stellar Protector Io skin, in addition to a custom avatar and frame. And if you are wondering how to grind out the battle pass and grab everything fast, we have a guide to help you out with that.

All of the Radiant Stars Paladins content is exclusive and obtainable only by reaching tiers on the battle pass… for now. Most if not all of these cosmetics will likely return in the future in limited-time cosmetic chests, as is usually the case with battle pass cosmetics in Paladins.