What is Shiver’s gender identity in Splatoon 3?

Is Nintendo taking steps towards inclusivity?

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 introduces quite a bit of new content into the game between maps, weapons, and new store vendors, not to mention a new story and features as well. One of the more exciting newcomers is the three-person idol group, Deep Cut, who will handle your daily announcements in the game. While Big Man definitely garnered a lot of attention, another member of the team is being looked at because of how Nintendo is handling references to them. So, what is Shiver’s gender identity?

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Is Shiver from Splatoon 3 non-binary?

Following the initial reveal of Shiver and Deep Cut, many community members from the Splatoon 3 fanbase were noting how Nintendo were going out of their way to refer to Shiver as they/them. However, GameXplain have stated in the video below that at a press release Nintendo confirmed the character refers to themselves as she/her and is a woman.

The conversation of Shiver’s gender identity started because after the Splatoon 3-focused Nintendo Direct, players noticed that every localized language media release referred to them with neutral pronouns, as opposed to her Deep Cut-mate Frye, who was referred to as a queen in certain languages.

This comes as unfortunate news for people who were looking for more non-binary representation from Nintendo. Most recently, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was the first Nintendo-made title to feature a non-binary character, so having another game feature a character like that was very appealing to a section of the community. Regardless of Shiver’s gender identity, the character looks to be a popular member of Deep Cut and will be a face you see very regularly in Splatoon 3 as Splatfest events come and go.

Regardless of your feelings on this announcement, it is good to finally have a confirmed answer so this topic can be put to rest.