What is Spirits of Amazonia mode in Green Hell?

I’m sure nothing will go wrong with this trip to the Amazon.


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Green Hell follows the story of Jake, who must survive his time in the Amazon rainforest. Like most survival games, you need a bit of luck and nerves of steel to avoid falling prey to the many dangers lurking in the wilderness, but they aren’t as dangerous as the secrets that the jungle holds.

Players new to the game might be confused by the Spirits of Amazonia mode that is often discussed in the community. Is it a separate game or DLC? Does it require an additional purchase? Here is everything you need to know about the Spirits of Amazonia mode for Green Hell.

The Spirits of Amazonia game mode is a prequel story mode to the rest of Green Hell. It follows Jake as he encounters and tries to befriend a native tribe for the first time. According to the developer’s road map, the story is being rolled out in a collection of releases that started early in 2021, with part three due for release in January 2022.

The mode comes with a new map and quest lines and several new items to collect and craft. However, despite being a large amount of content, with more to come in the new year, this mode is free to owners of Green Hell. The mode can be played at any time but is recommended for players who have completed Green Hell’s story mode. It can be played in the game’s singleplayer and multiplayer modes.